Living a Life Without Agitation or Fear


Living a live without agitation or fear is a blessing that comes from listening to wisdom.

Proverbs 1:8-33 (I use the Passion Translation) teaches us the many blessings of wisdom ~ if you know how to listen! Today we'll focus on how to listen and increase our capacity to recognize the sound and voice of wisdom.


Get Wisdom and With Wisdom, Understanding


Wisdom has been lost in our culture. It his series (this is part 1) discover the character of wisdom, how to recognize wisdom and how to walk in wisdom! Yes we'll be studying from Proverbs and I'm using the Passion Translation (which I encourage everyone to have)!


Learning to Pray Over Your Home


We all know about the armor or God. But do we put it on daily? And do we include our home?

Here is how I prayerfully put it on each morning - I hope it blesses you!


How can you find complete satisfaction in life?


Surrendering to wise counsel and abanded love can change the entire landscape of your life and future - wisdom from God's word for today!


Is Guilt Holding You Back?


Guilt plays havoc with our brain and on our capacity to move forward. 

Learning to walk in self-forgiveness is key to moving forward in any area of your life.


Ever Wonder Why You Get Stuck?


God promises us amazing victories. If that is true, then why do we often full stuck and left out of breakthrough? Discover gates that may be shut and learn the easy way to reopen them!


Do You Struggle with Bitterness and/or Gallbladder Issues?


Bitterness can create bitter fruit that hurts us more than anyone else. Bitterness is often acompanied by resentment and unforgiveness.

Discover how you can let go of bitterness instead of letting it fester and impact your health.


The Blessing of Giving and More!


Giving as an individual is a gift. When a community gives, the recipient knows they aren't alone!


Our Wounds Can Be Healed


If your mind is full of noise, your make poor decisions.

If your emotions are a mess, you make poor decisions.

The good news: The noise can be quieted and the emotions can be healed.


A Soaking Time of Being in His Presence


Sometimes it's good to pull away from challenges in life and just soak in God's presence. 

Invest some time today to hear how much God loves you!


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