Old Traumas . . . Are They Keeping You Stuck?


Part 2 in the Series: Creating an Extraordinary You!

Old traumas . . . are they keeping you stuck?

Traumas are not stored as facts, they are stored as the interpretation of your emotions at the time of the event. 

Until we learn to interrupt and reframe our interpretations, those old traumas drive many of the programs that drive our thoughts and actions today and for many tomorrows to come! In today's podcast we'll take a look at some simple but very powerful ways to step out of the negative impact past traumas might be having on you today.

Is the Noise of This World Drowning You?


Part 1 in the Series: Creating an Extraordinary You!

Is the noise of this world drowning you?

Our world has changed enormously over the last 10-15 years. We are now "bombarded" with noise virtually 24/7. No more waiting for the newspaper to show up in the morning or waiting for the evening news and the phone was only used for phone calls!

Discover how this change is impacting every area of your physical, emotional and mental health and how you can address it so that you can begin to find a new sense of peace and calm in your life!

The Power of Wisdom Fills Our Lives with Treasures


Proverbs 8: 14-21 and 34-35

Wisdom opens the door to discovering untold and unexpected experiences and treasures. Are you ready to step through that door?

Wisdom is Priceless, Nothing Compares to Her!


Proverbs 8: 1-12

I love the character of wisdom. She brings understanding, heart changes and helps create plans for our lives. She sings God's heart over us!

Enjoying meeting and getting to know wisdom.


What to do when you don’t know what to do!


Proverbs 7:1-5

What do you do when you don't know what to do?

Today you'll discover 3 simple steps, and the words to say, that will focus you when life seems overwhelming and too hard. Yes, the Lord always has a way through!

What is Penetrating the Core of Your Being?


Proverbs 4:20-24

We can let worries, speculation or anxieties penetrate our heart or we can let God's words penetrate and guide us.

We always have a choice. Let's dig into that choice today!

Have You Desired to Have Someone Cherish in You?


Proverbs 4:18

As we learn to be teachable we can experienced many benefits and blessings. Most of all we can experience the priviledge of God delighting in us and cherishing us! What a blessing!

Walk in Wisdom and Discover Discernment


Two simple goals that will create eleven abundant blessings that can change your life!

One Word Can Change Your Life


Proverbs 3:13

In a very difficult season of my life, this word was a key for me. We were struggling, had a small baby and I was dealing with major depression. We are not in that place today because of this key!

Your Words Matter


Life and death is in the power of the tongue. Learning how to steward words can change our lives and the lives of those we love!

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